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Preparing students to become successful, defensive drivers.

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Behind-the-wheel driving sessions Behind-the-wheel driving sessions Behind-the-wheel driving sessions

Excellent behind-the-wheel driving sessions

Whether you need to learn parallel parking or pick up on some defensive driving strategies, the state-certified private driving instructor at Buckle Up Driving School LLC can help you learn an extensive range of driving techniques at your time of convenience.

  • Seat and mirror adjustments

  • Vehicle controls

  • 10 and 2 hand positioning on the wheel

  • Hand-over-Hand (H-O-H) steering method

  • Space cushion / Distance from other vehicles

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

Complete practical driver ed course

If you have got a fixed time window to learn how to drive, just call Frank to schedule the time for your driving lessons.


When it's time for your session, we'll pick you up from home and drop you back after class too. Contact us for information on theory courses.

Convenient private driving lessons

For more details on our behind-the-wheel sessions, visit Frank at

110 Scottdale Drive

Our behind-the-wheel driving course consists of six 1-hour driving lessons to help develop your driving ability.

Lesson 1

  • Review lesson 1 weaknesses

  • 3– Point Turn

  • Backing

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

Lesson 2

  • Review lesson 2 weaknesses

  • Residential Driving

  • Intersections

  • Signaling and lane changing (mirrors and blind spot)

  • Parallel Parking (proper techniques)

  • Defensive driving strategies

Lesson 3

  • Signaling

  • Residential Driving

  • Braking / Stopping

  • Parking

  • Review lesson 3 weaknesses

  • Merging and Exiting Traffic

  • Highway Driving

  • Signaling and Lane Changing

  • Reviewing aspects of previous lessons

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

Lesson 4

  • Review of lesson 4 weaknesses

  • City Driving and Highway Driving

  • Space Cushion (4-second rule)

  • Parking (parallel and perpendicular)

  • Checking Mirrors and Blind Spots

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

Lesson 5

  • Review of all Defensive Driving Strategies in lessons 1-5

  • Preparation for Driver’s Test

  • Reiterate the Importance of Being a Safe and Successful Defensive Driver

Lesson 6