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Preparing students to become successful, defensive drivers.

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Being able to drive independently and confidently is the key to staying safe while you're out on the road. You can trust Frank, a state-certified driving instructor at Buckle Up Driving School LLC, to address all your private driver's training needs.

Begin your private driver training with an academic program in our school, located at 110 Scottdale Drive, which involves learning the theoretical concepts of driving, followed by a practical training program, that involves behind-the-wheel lessons.


Contact Frank to book your private driver training slot or to learn more about us.

  • PA state-certified private driver training school

  • Certified driving instructors

  • 30-hour theory classes

  • Behind-the-wheel lessons

  • Home pickup and drop-off

  • Competitive rates

  • Insurance discount eligibility

Stand the best chance of becoming a successful driver at our elite driving school

Take a look at why we're regarded as one of the popular private driving schools